Skin lesions pictures

There are a lot of different types of skin lesions. While some may pose a threat, others are harmless. Skin lesions can be hard to identify: a simple first step is to compare a skin lesion you worry about with skin lesions pictures. But remember that if you don’t trust a certain skin spot, always go and see a doctor.

WARNING: Graphic images ahead in this article.

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Different types of skin lesions

There are a lot of common skin lesions that don’t do any harm, but that might be frustrating to deal with. Others, like skin cancer moles, are of course very dangerous and need to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

See below for a selection of common skin lesions and how they may appear, so you can recognise the appearance on your own skin.

Rashes: Comes in the form of small red dots, and are basically an allergic reaction. Might sting or itch.

Pustules: Small spots filled with pus, and therefore they appear as white spots. May itch and are hard to get rid of. Mostly harmless but can leave scars if treated badly, so always seek a specialist.

Acne: A form of pustules, but so common we want to highlight them. Small red spots, often filled with pus. Treat with care to avoid leaving scars or other damages to the skin.

Blisters: Appears as sunburns, steamburns, fire burns or insect bites. Small skin lesions that will irritate, but are harmless (unless they cover a large area of course). Will disappear by themselves, but need good care.

Hives: Most common form of wheals and therefore appear as groups / patches of spots. They can be itchy or even sting, but will disappear by themselves.

Melanoma (skin cancer): Appear as unnatural growth, mostly in moles. Think abnormal colors (green, blue), high borders, asymmetry in form, and more. If you don’t trust a mole, have it checked out by a doctor or dermatologist for an official diagnosis.

Different skin lesions pictures

Here are some examples of skin lesions pictures. Use them to compare them with lesions on your own body, but don’t use them for any form of self-diagnosis.

Skin lesions pictures: Rashes

Skin lesions pictures: Pustules

Skin lesions pictures: Acne

Skin lesions pictures: Blisters

Skin lesions pictures: Hives

Skin lesions pictures: Melanoma (Skin cancer)

Skin lesions treatment

Treatment of skin lesions are different for each form, body and other circumstances. A doctor will look at an individual case to determine treatment. This may include medication, surgery or home care in the case of harmless skin lesions that only need care to heal without any damage.

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