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skin cancer risk

Detect changes to your skin as early as possible and take action

How does it work?

Take a picture, Analyse, Track changes

Skin cancer app

1. Take a picture

Hold the device over a spot on your skin and take a picture.
Skin cancer detection

2. Analyse

The app will analyse the spot in an instant and give you a recommendation
Skin cancer analysis

3. Track changes

Archive your picture, keep track of changes over time and share it with your doctor



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Our algorithm and medical credentials

The unique online assessment (algorithm) determines potential non natural growth of pigmented moles on your skin, a first of its kind.

It has been tested scientifically in 2013 in the dermatology clinic; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Clinic in Munich, Germany.

Associate Professor Dr. Tanja von Braunmühl states: "SkinVision is a promising solution for awareness and self detection for individuals, and a new communication platform between the doctor and the individual".

SkinVision is the first and only skin cancer app that is CE marked for usage in the EU.

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What people are saying

I had a mole removed last week and got the results today. It was a melanoma and some skin was removed so no further action required. Thank you for making available this amazingly accurate app.
Theresa, Queensland
The doctor looked at the lesion and took a biopsy which he thought it was a haemangioma. But your app was pretty accurate, it turned out to be a basal cell skin cancer and I have to get it cut out.
Heather, Sydney
I had a suspect spot removed ten days ago thanks to your app and it came back as a basal cell carcinoma which would have gone undected if it had not been for your app, so thank you again.
Donna, Emmaville

Why use SkinVision?

  • The first CE certified melanoma app
  • Easy and fast check of your skin health
  • Long term health monitoring
  • Easy sharing with a doctor

Scientific board

SkinVision is working closely with renowned dermatologists and professors from top clinics worldwide.

Prof. Thomas Ruzicka
Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
Prof. Dedee Murrell
St. George Hospital, Sydney
A.Prof. Chris Baum
Mayo Clinic, Minnesota

How to use the app

Download the app now

SkinVision is free to download, and includes a free trial period of 1 month which gives you full access to all the features.

No payment details needed.

After downloading you'll get:

- One free month to analyse the moles on your skin for skin cancer or melanoma risk*
- Unlimited personal archive to check your skin's health over time
- Assessment of skin type and risk profile to develop melanoma

* After the first month you can choose to select a paid plan to continue using the analysis feature. Starting at €4.99 for a single month - see in-app for all pricing details.

Get your instant analysis right now

For iPhone
4S and higher
For Samsung
S4 and higher