Beauty Bloggers guide to summer skin health

Published 6 days ago, by Roeland Pater

As the northern hemisphere is enjoying the summer right now, taking care of our skin is more important than ever. As you may know, the sun has two sides to it: we enjoy the sun and take vitamin D from it, but at the same time it’s the biggest cause of skin cancer. That’s why we asked a few of our favorite beauty & skin care bloggers to share their summer skin health tips with you.

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It's all about prevention. There is no cure, yet..

Published 8 days ago, by Roeland Pater

This makes for a bit of grim reading - but we all need wake up calls - and to be honest it's gone beyond a wake up call – it’s now time to act.

It is a scary statistic but there has been a 2000% rise in melanoma incidences worldwide since 1930 with 1 in 50 people being affected by melanoma of some form, as stated by the Melanoma Foundation.

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UV Rays – What are they and why are they dangerous?

Published 10 days ago, by Roeland Pater

This month is Summer Sun Safety Month. SkinVision & Surfer's Skin present a series of blog posts that will help you to enjoy the sun safely. 

UV stands for Ultra Violet – basically a ray that is invisible to the human eye. Anything invisible automatically has me on alert because if it’s invisible …we can’t see any of the damage that is occurring …until after it has occurred. Sunburn does not show up straight away…. Wrinkles do not show up straight away…. That’s UV Rays for you.

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How skin cancer can be prevented

Published 14 days ago, by Roeland Pater

Skin cancer is now the most common form of cancer. Which means that something has to change. We need to be more aware of the risks of skin cancer, which symptoms will occur, and how we can make sure that we find skin cancer early so it can be treated. Even better still, we need to know how to prevent skin cancer. Let’s take a look at the most important precautions you can take.

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