Melanoma facts: the current situation

Published 4 days ago, by Roeland Pater

Skin cancer is on the rise around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently between 2 and 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occur globally each year. This number is only expected to increase as the ozone layer continues to be depleted. The WHO estimates that a 10 per cent decrease in ozone levels will result in an additional 300,000 non-melanoma and 4,500 melanoma skin cancer cases. 

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Round skin lesions and what they mean

Published 9 days ago, by Roeland Pater

A skin lesion is an area of skin that is somehow different from the surrounding areas. Skin lesions can come in the form of a bump, a mole or a scar. They can be a sign of a simple allergy or a more serious skin condition. They can take the form of a spreading plaque or appear as a rounded welt. With so many kinds of skin lesions out there, it’s important to understand the common types so you have a better idea of what could be causing yours. Below we look at the most common types of round skin lesions and some potential causes that could explain them.

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Daily Mail: How my phone saved my life - Woman's mobile told her she had skin cancer

Published 12 days ago, by Roeland Pater

How my smart phone saved my life: Woman's mobile told her she had skin cancer after she scanned a patch of her skin using an app.

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Sensitive combination skin: how to treat it

Published 17 days ago, by Roeland Pater

If you were asking how to treat sensitive combination skin, the reply would probably be “very gently”. Combination skin is tricky enough to look after as the mix of oily and dry patches can lead to problems getting the balance just right. But throw sensitivity into the mix and you have a whole new kettle of fish. So what are the best ways to treat sensitive combination skin?

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