How to get clear skin in one day: is it possible?

Published 3 days ago, by Roeland Pater

We all know how it goes. You wake up, and there is an unsightly pimple square in the middle of your face. You have a big meeting or event coming up and no time to deal. So, what do you do? Is it possible to get rid of it in only one day?

While there is no full-proof answer to getting rid of pimples and unwanted blemishes overnight, there are definitely things you can do to reduce the inflammation and help clear it up quick. Read through some recommended tactics below for combating your pimples and blemishes in a hurry.

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Different skin types: the complete overview

Published 8 days ago, by Roeland Pater

When it comes to caring for your skin, understanding it is the first step. Before you can think about buying cleansers, moisturizers or foundations, you have to get a good handle on how your skin behaves and why. That’s what skin types are for. There are five general skin type categories that most skin products are designed for.

Below we give you a complete overview of the different types to help you figure out which one you are and what that means for your daily skin care routine.

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How to get clear skin fast: three trusted home remedies

Published 15 days ago, by Roeland Pater

Some days our skin simply won’t cooperate and we have no time to deal with it. All we want when this happens is a quick solution that can get us on our way and doesn’t require an extra trip to the store. For those days, it’s time to turn to a home remedy. You know, those solutions that are passed down from generation to generation and can usually be made with a few ingredients from your pantry.

Below we list three of the most tried and true home remedies for clearing up your skin in a pinch.

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Oily Skin Type: how to treat and what are the symptoms

Published 15 days ago, by Roeland Pater

For oily skin types, skin care can often feel like a constant battle of blotting sheets and face powder — anything to mask the shine. But your skin isn’t the enemy and taking care of it doesn’t always have to be a fight. With a few basic skin care tips, you can care for your shiny pores in a way that works with your skin’s nature, not against it.

But first, what are the symptoms of oily skin? It’s important to understand what you are dealing with and ensure you are treating the right skin type before delving into the dos and don’ts of treatment. 

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