About SkinVision

What is SkinVision?


SkinVision helps you take the necessary steps in preventing or detecting skin conditions, such as melanoma. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer and skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Regularly checking your moles or lesions is required for prevention and early detection of melanoma skin cancer.

SkinVision enables you to instantly assess your moles and see if a visit to a dermatologist is recommended, or to track moles more frequenty between visits to your dermatologist.

The platform helps you better understand your skin, stay informed and in touch with your physician.

How do I use SkinVision?

SkinVision has a free version and a paid version. The free version informs and increases awareness about skin cancer or skin conditions. It will also provide you with UV information, based on your location, so you know when to seek protection for your skin. You can access the SkinVision platform only as a registered user. To register a new username you will need to download one of the mobile apps. The paid version of SkinVision provides automated assessments of your moles based on a dermatologist-developed protocol. This enables you to have your moles analyzed from a photo taken with your smart phone.

What devices is SkinVision compatible with?

SkinVision is available for both iOS and Android. website will also grant you access to some features like your archive, UV forecast, forums or finding a dermatologist in your area.

How do I sign up?

Choose "Create new account" button on the main page and follow instructions. You can also sign-up by using Facebook.

Why do I need a profile?

The information you share, will be used by SkinVision to help you better understand your skin, provide more personalized skin advise and enrich information records that you may want to share with your dermatologist now or in the future.

Is my personal information safe?

Under no circumstances will SkinVision share your identity with anyone. All data that you enter on this site are encrypted with secure server software (SSL). The encryption means that your data are protected while they are being transferred over the Internet to our servers. In addition to using the most secure technology available, we anonimize all data before they are used in any aggregate reporting that may be done, such as for research purposes.

How does the mole assessment work?


The analysis algorithm needs a picture of a mole. You simply take a picture of the mole you are curious about and SkinVision will return the result in a matter of seconds. Please make sure that you only use high quality pictures, properly focused and very clear (see question: How do I take good pictures). The algorithm will only analyze one mole at a time.

How do I take good pictures?


Before taking a picture, follow these instructions. High photo picture quality increases the accuracy of the algorithm analysis.

  1. Hold your device parallel to skin surface, at a distance between 15cm and 30cm.
  2. The light on your skin should be uniform across the picture and you should see no strong shadows or white lights. Natural diffused light is ideal (e.g. sun reflecting from the white walls inside a room)
  3. The mole should be clear and well focused. Wait for your camera's auto-focus, or slowly adjust the distance between your device and your skin.
  4. Be careful not to shake the device when taking the picture.
  5. Try to exclude any other objects from the picture, except the mole you want analyzed.
  6. If the image quality is poor, it is always better to take a new picture.

Why do I need to track a mole’s evolution?

Sometimes, regular looking moles prove to be in fact dangerous (malignant). A strong indicator of malignancy is rapid evolution. If a mole looks safe but rapidly changes, that means that there might be something wrong and an immediate medical opinion is recommended.

How does the Archive work?


Every time you analyze a picture, you can create a new folder. A folder should contain images of the same mole, so every time you want to take a new picture, make sure you save it in the appropriate folder. You can add images of the same mole to an existing folder, or create a new folder for each new mole. You can also rename folders so you will know the location of the mole the images belongs to. The archive is accessible both from your mobile app and the website. So, if you use more than one device you will have a centralized archive.

How does the UV forecast work?


SkinVision will give you information on the UV index every day together with general advice on how to act so that the impact is reduced to safe levels. This information comes from official sources including World Health Organization and Intersun and depends on your geographical location.

How much does SkinVision cost?

Some information and tools on and SkinVision apps are free. There is also a paid version giving you access to functionality like automated image processing and analysis, keeping UV exposure records and various self assessments to better understand your skin. You can access these features through the paid version of $4.99 with features continuously being added.

How do I pay for SkinVision?

Just purchase the paid version of the app trough the App Store in your country for iOS and trough Google Play for Android devices. Using the same login credentials will automatically unlock the more advanced features on the website.

How can I find a dermatologist?


SkinVision supports the patient / doctor relationship. We can help you find dermatologists in your area and connect you with them. You will be able to use SkinVision to show them your mole's risk assessments and evolution.

What are the minimum software requirements for SkinVision?

Any Android smartphone using Android 2.2 or newer. Device camera is mandatory. For iOS, iPhone 3 or newer is required. This app is not intended to be used on tablets. For PC usage we recommend using modern browsers like Firefox 3.6 or newer, Chrome 7 or newer, Internet Explorer 9 or newer, Opera 10 or newer.

How do I get in touch with SkinVision?

If you have a complaint or problem, or if you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may email us using the form on our website (see "Contact us" in "About"). Our Customer Service department will respond or resolve your complaint.

Where can I see more questions about SkinVision?

Our community section is meant to help you address any issues with SkinVision. You can read advise on some of the most frequent issues with SkinVision and/or skin conditions. If you use the website you will also be able to post questions and answers and read more comments.